Food Meat Fruit Vegetable Chopper

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Powerful Household Meat Grinder Hand-power Food Chopper Mincer Mixer Blender to Chop Meat Fruit Vegetable Nuts Herbs

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1. Item: multifunctional Meat Grinder
2. Color: blue
3. Weight: about 190g
4. Capacity: about 330ML
5. Size: 125mm*85mm
6. Material: stainless steel+ABS+PP+PC
7. Suit to: meat/Vegetable/Spice
 1.MUTI-FUNCTIONAl AND POWERFUL : This speedy manual food chopper will help you cut  boneless meats,vegetables, fruits and nuts. Putting the food into the bowl and pulling the rope once can chop food 15 times.
2.QUALITY : The material that we choose is nontoxic plastic .The sharp stainless steel blades are fast to chop and mince. The bowl is BPA free and safe for containing food.
3.COMPACT TO USE : This manual food chopper has advantages of simple structure, economy, practicability, compact volume and convenience. it  is good for small kitchens, RVs, travel and camping.
4.EASY TO USE : Put the food into the bowl, then close the lid. Pull the rope to make the blades rotate. The more times of pulling, the smaller pieces it will be ,and it cuts foods quickly and easily.
5.EASY TO CLEAN : The bowl and the blades can be separated, so it is convenient to be washed.The lid can be wet,it has 3 outlets on the lid.
1, When use the chopper, please don’t put the whole vegetable directly in to the chopper, please cut it into large pieces before chopping.
2, When you chopping, please don’t pull the string drastically, as the string will not naturally draw back.
3, The dark green oval on the lid just for decoration, it doesn’t have any function for the chopper.
4, Please clean the manual vegetable chopper after using it. Don’t let the blade deep into the water for a long time. Please keep it dry after you
clean the chopper. Pay attention to the blades, as they are very sharp. Please keep it away from children.
5, Please keep the chopper away from high temperature, and don’t boiling it. And it also don’t apply to microwave and ovens.
6, If you have any problem, please contact us!
1, After you clean the blades, you can smear some vegetable oil on the blades, it will avoid rusting of the screw on the blades.
2, Pull the ring will help you drain off the water inside the lid after you wash it.
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